Tuesday, 15 January 2013

one down, three to go

Witchery 'Blair' Loafers

It's only two weeks into the new year but I have already managed to knock one item off my 2013 wishlist - these gorgeous zebra print haircalf loafers from Witchery! As soon as I saw these in my local Witchery store I knew I had to have them, although I was momentarily torn between them and these Mi Piaci metallic toe cap loafers (which I may still purchase...). But I went with my gut feeling which was my original choice, even though they were slightly tight when I tried them on. I bought them despite this, and managed to stretch them out so much just by wearing a pair of thick socks for an hour. Now they are perfect and I cannot wait to wear them! As a girl who lives in flats, I'm sure I can think up enough justification to purchase the Mi Piaci ones as well... Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

new year wishlist

This new year I have promised myself (once again) that I will save my money and buy things that I really love and will wear the hell out of, instead of going for cheaper variations that inevitably end up in a clothing bin in the middle of nowhere. Buying those dream items always leaves me with a sense of satisfaction that I have worked hard to own that designer bag, or those phenomenal boots (ahem IM Dickers reaching me in May). So without further ado, I present four items my heart lusts for, and with a little perseverance on my part, should by joining my closet very shortly. What are your new year must haves? To find out other items I'm coveting, check out my Svpply here.